1 thought on “Using a Raspberry Pi for audio distribution

  1. Christian Sporer

    the tool of my choice is TRX http://www.pogo.org.uk/~mark/trx/
    It is easy to compile, uses ALSA, opus codec and oRTP. The latency is incredibly low, it allows bitrates from 9kbit/s up to 512kbit/s for applications ranging from telephone voice quality to CD quality.
    The code is incredibly lightweight.
    The package contains the tx and the rx module which can be launched separately from command line.
    A tx PID (with 12kHz sampling rate, 20ms latency and a bitrate of 32kbit/s consumes only 14% of CPU load. The corresponding rx PID consumes 6% according to top command.
    All this on RPi 3B


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