Low Ron analog switches for audio use

14-SOICFor the comfortINA project we were looking for analog switches with a very low resistance. They should be able to use a symmetrical power supply with at least +/-5V.

There are more ICs available for unsymmetrical power supplies. These might be an interesting alternative if you can shift the level of the logic inputs.

Here are the interesting switches with a symmetrical power supply that we’ve found:

Analog Devices ADG1401/1402

These single switch circuits have a Ron of 1Ohm with supply +/-15V. Unfortunately the MSOP package with 0.65mm pitch  requires serious soldering skills.

Analog Devices ADG1411/1412

This quad switch has a Ron of < 2 Ω at +/-15V supply. Unfortunately it is only available in TSSOP package, which makes is not so easy to use for DIY projects.

Analog Devices ADG451/ADG452/ADG453

Another (older) quad switch from AD. Unfortunately Ron is about 4 Ohm with +/-15V power supply. The good thing about it: it is available as SOIC an even DIP version.

Maxim MAX4602

The Ron of this chip is 2.5 Ω, It is available even in DIP packages which is great for DIY (I still would recommend to use SOIC package, which allows a more compact layout. Unfortunately it is relatively expensive (about 10 US$ in small quantities).

You can see, that the more modern ICs provide lower Ron values. Unfortunately this comes in packages that are harder to solder.

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