LoudSnail – Damping tests

Due to the design, the LoudSnail should be almost resistant against resonances. Therefore it was interesting to see how good it really works. Due to some problems in the measurement setup and the prototyping setup, there are some flaws in the measurements. However it is already possible to see effects of damping.

Let’s start with the free-air mode:


There is a small resonance at about 2kHz, everything als looks nice.

Now put this driver in the LoadSnail housing:


Hmm, that doesn’t look optimal. There are resonances at about 400 and 550Hz. It is interesting to see, that this corresponds to 83cm and 62cm wavelengths. The snail housing itself is much smaller.

Lets put a small piece of damping in the housing:



Looks already better, but not perfect. Should we try more damping?


Looks even better. There is much more space for more damping, but I want to keep the amount minimal.

Do these resonances in the impedance graph have any impact on the sound quality? I don’t know yet, because the speaker is not ready yet. There is still a lot of work to do. More measurements will come (but not in the next days). Stay tuned!



1 thought on “LoudSnail – Damping tests

  1. Patrik Johansson

    Great design!
    Whatever became of this awesome little loudspeaker?
    I would gladly continue your work if you don’t have the time!



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