Part lists for SinCos and MegaPower DP online

The part lists for our turntable power supply solution were not online yet. But this has been fixed. You can find it here:

I’ve included links to components for Digikey and the german distributor Reichelt Elektronik. However make sure that you check your order again, I can’t guarantee, that the this always links to the correct product.

2 thoughts on “Part lists for SinCos and MegaPower DP online

  1. Alberto

    Are sincos plus megapower ok to run my 20W syncronous turntable motor?
    What do I need to do it?
    Thank you – Alberto

  2. matuschd Post author

    Hi Alberto,

    generally this should work. 20W seems a bit big. Do you have a datasheet for the motor? What voltage does it use?

    Best regards


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