Replacements for LM317/LM337

lm317The LM317/LM337 is one of the most used circuits for low power audio applications. The performance is good. For most applications, these integrated circuits work really well. But sometimes you may want something better and more modern. There are two interesting ICs for audio applications:

LT1963/LT3015: These ICs from Linear technologies are relatively expensive in low volumes. It looks like an interesting device for do-it-yourself use, because it is even available in TO220 packages.

TPS49xx/TPS30xx: This pair can be a nice replacement for the 150mA LM317T/LM337T. They are not too expensive, therefore you may even use more multiple devices of you need more than the 150mA. One specific use case is using them as regulators after a switched mode power supply. However there is one disadvantage for DIY use: They come in a 0.65mm pitch MSOP package. But even these devices can be soldered without a reflow oven. Check out Daves EEVBlog for a tutorial how to do this.

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