A template for Raspberry Pi extension boards for Kicad

raspberry-templateI agree, that there are a lot of Raspberry Pi related postings in the last time, that do not look like audio related postings. But I can tell you – they are. We’re working on audio projects for the Raspberry Pi. The goal is to have a high quality sound system based on a Raspberry Pi. One thing, that we could not find somewhere, was a simple template for a Raspberry Pi extension board. Therefore we created one. The board size is the same 85x56mm as the Raspberry Pi itself and it includes the extension headers P1 and P5. P5 is especially important for audio, because that’s the I2S header. The template is available freely on Github.

3 thoughts on “A template for Raspberry Pi extension boards for Kicad

    1. takahiro koie

      I can’t open this file using kicad ver 2013-7-7 BZR4022, Can I open this file using older version?


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