Arduino Board with Intel CPU

intel-x1000-arduinoWow, how did this happen? Intel developed an Arduino compatible microprocessor board! The CPU is a Quark X-1000 processor which is a lot slower than current desktop CPUs, but a lot faster than simple ATMega microcontrollers or low-end ARM chips. It used the Pentium command set and runs at 400 MHz. I don’t know if the Arduino IDE will create low-level machine code for the hardware or there is an operating system running on this board (Linux?). I would suppose, that there is an OS running, otherwise it would be quiet complex to use all the nice onboard interfaces like USB and Ethernet.

I had a quick look in the datasheet and it looks like there are no I2S connection that can be used to connect audio DACs or ADCs. There is an onboard sound connector, but I would expect, that the DAC/ADC on the board are low-end chips. However, USB ports are available to connect USB sound cards. I’m looking forward to the availability and pricing of this module. It could be an interesting alternative to the Raspberry Pi for audio applications.

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