HiFiBerry DSP code repository

6a00d8341c767353ef016762f7c808970b-800wiI started with the programming for the HiFiBerry DSP light. Basically the software uses the program generated by Sigma Studio and writes it to the EEPROM module on the HiFiBerry DSP or directly to the DSP chip. In both cases the code is the same, only the I2C address is different. The software will be open-source, you can have a look at the current version on GitHub. It is not fully functional yet, it is not even an alpha version, but a work-in-progress.

The first software version will be a command-line-only version. There are also plans to have a web interface that you can use from your PC or even your mobile phone. A loudspeaker crossover that can be changed from your mobile phone? Yes, you can do it. Turning room equalization on or off from your mobile phone – you can do this too. Sounds cool? Are you interested to help with the development? Contact me!

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