HiFiBerry Mini and RaspyFi – the 192kHz/24bit FLAC solution

hifberry-mini-raspberryToday I did some tests with the HiFiBerry Mini and RaspyFi. I replaced the kernel by the HiFiBerry enabled kernel – and it worked perfectly.  The music was played from a cheap USB-Stick. But the most interesting part was the test with 192kHz/24bit FLAC files. And yes – it works! I think, this is the smallest Raspberry-based setup that is able to play 192kHz FLAC music.

It is also nice to see, that RaspyFi also plays MP3 files in 24bit resolution, which means potentially less distortions.

You can order it now on our HiFiBerry web site.

2 thoughts on “HiFiBerry Mini and RaspyFi – the 192kHz/24bit FLAC solution

  1. tom as

    my equipment is:
    Raspberry B with Volumio 1.4
    HifiBerry Digi
    2 Nubert A-200 Speakers (connected via S/PDIF electrical).

    The sound is great up to 96kHz/24bit flacs.
    Playing a 192kHz/24bit flac cause problems.
    The Playback Tab in Volumio shows me that the song is running and gives all the other information (… Stereo, 24 bit, 192 kHz, 4275 kbps …) but no sound from the speakers.
    All parts should be able to handle 192kHz/24bit recordings!

    I asked this question already in the Volumio forum but no answer.

    When it works with the HiFiBerry Mini does it also do with the Digi?

  2. Wolfgang


    still got the same issue 192khz 24bit FLAC won|t work ) too fast and Christmas 2014.
    Any solution? Any hint?




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