ltspice-macI was looking for a Spice simulation for MacOS, but couldn’t find a good one. Volta has a native Mac GUI, but unfortunately the standard library is very limited. In the past I often used LTSpice or Tina-TI for Windows. I was sure, that both run only on Windows. But now I noticed, that LTSpice also supports MacOS now. When did this happen? I had a quick look at the software. The circuit editor does not really feel like a Mac program. For most command you have to use the right mouse button or function keys. Simulation directives have to be written as a spice directive in the circuit. You cannot select them in the menu as in many other spice simulations. Also a lot of the features of the Windows version is not available in the Mac version. You cannot display the operation points in the circuit (at least I could not find out how). My recommendation: use the Windows version in a virtual machine, it is much easier to use than the MacOS version.

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