Preparing a Raspberry Pi for I2S audio

Our HiFiBerry Mini, HiFiBerry Digi or HiFiBerry DSP boards use a I2S connection to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi Release 2 is already prepared for this connection. However you have to solder the necessary pin header by yourself.

Identify the P5 header

If you look on the underside of the Raspberry Pi, you will find 8 pads between the large extension header (2×13 pins) and the SD card connector. This is the connector you have to solder.

If this connector is missing, you have an old Version 1 Raspberry Pi board. Unfortunately there is no header prepared on this board. In this case, we recommend to buy a new Raspberry Pi. All Raspberries bought since autumn 2012 should have the connector.

Solder the P5 header

Now insert an 8-pin header from the top and solder it on the bottom. The result should look like this:


That’s it. You can now plug an I2S board (e.g.  HiFiBerry Mini) to the Raspberry Pi.

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