The first signal generated from our DSP board

After some hours of debugging and fixing a hardware problem, the DSP hardware seems to work now.


There are still cables soldered for I2C debugging purposes, but writing to the DSP works without problems now. I still have to work on reading data back from the DSP. Therefore the debug cables are still soldered. You also see, that the voltage regulator at the bottom is not used yet. I will do some comparison tests with a separate voltage regulator for the analog circuit.

I created a simple DSP program that generated different waveforms on the different output. Let’s see what happens on the output:


Looks good! The DSP now runs at 48kHz, therefore the triangle waveform is not exactly a triangle. But that’s what you would expect.


2 thoughts on “The first signal generated from our DSP board

  1. Andreas

    Hello, im very interested in this project, i had the same Idea with the ADAU but my limited
    time allows me only a slow progress. I have the Pi and the ADAU soldered on a Proto Board.

    I plan to make a stand alone Crossover with analog inputs first, an then interface the PI over
    I2S like you do. I will sure buy some boards to accelerate my development.

    Good work, congratulations


    1. matuschd Post author

      Hi Andreas,

      I’m looking for programmers to develop an open source software for this board. I will send you a mail. Other programmers are also welcome to join the team!



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