HiFiBerry DAC support in Raspbmc

logoSam Nazarko has released a new version of the Raspbmc distribution. There are a lot of interesting changes but one is especially exciting to us: It now has ALSA sound card support including a kernel with HiFiBerry DAC support.

We did not have the time to test it yet but we will do this soon! Did somebody test it already?

Are you interested in buying the HiFiBerry DAC – check out our HiFiBerry website. You can order the DAC kit there.

Update 29.12.: It seems that one necessary kernel module for HiFiBerry is still missing in the Rasmbmc december release.  We will check with the Raspbmc developer to see how this can be fixed.

11 thoughts on “HiFiBerry DAC support in Raspbmc

  1. Harry

    Not for me in raspbmc out of the box that is..,it works fine in raspbian..

    I think there is some kernel problem.. I2s does not work say dmesg

  2. Daniel Post author

    Tested it now. It seems, that a module is missing in the current Raspbmc distribution. I will check with Sam to see if he can fix this soon.

  3. Daniel Post author

    Here is a workaround. It replaces the original Raspbmc kernel by the standard kernel. This may break some functionality of Rasbmc! Try it on your own risk.

    run the following commands as root:
    apt-get install wget ca-certificates git-core binutils alsa-utils mplayer
    wget https://raw.github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-update/master/rpi-update -O /usr/bin/rpi-update && sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/rpi-update
    sudo -E RPI_UPDATE_UNSUPPORTED=0 rpi-update
    cat >/etc/modules <

    1. Harry L

      Well it works if i do aplay -l and aplay mp3 file.. but XBMC does not play any sound.. have try’d dual sound out, there is only one sound card… it still plays HDMI sound…

      1. Guillaume Van Wassenhove

        I am having the same problem, hopefully the RaspBMC January update will be released soon!

      2. zalun

        Same issue here – but honestly I like when XBMC is playing over HDMI and MPD (or Mopidy, but I had no luck with that yet) over HifiBerry. This gives me ability to play movies with voice from TV.

  4. Daniel Post author

    Sam, the Raspbmc developer told us that the missing modules should be included in the january release. It should be out in the next days. Then we will test it.


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