HiFiBerry DAC – update on production status

hifiberry-kitDuring the last 2 days we’ve tested our production samples of the HiFiBerry DAC. The quality is very good and no problems have been found. This means, that DAC should be available soon – as planned.

6 thoughts on “HiFiBerry DAC – update on production status

  1. Hector

    Hi, I been following your work for some time, congratulation looking good, just one question: the header in the board marked as i2s, what is his use? Thanks

  2. matuschd Post author

    Hi Hector,

    the I2S connector gives access to the sound data signals. This allows it, to use this DAC also with other devices that outputs audio data in I2S format. This is more for experienced I2S hackers, as I2S is not plug-and-play and there both devices have to use exactly the same transmission parameters. For normal use with the Raspberry Pi, you can just ignore it.


  3. Klaus

    Hi, the hifiberry is mounted on gpio? i wonder, if it is possible to use hifiberry and “pi usv” (www.piusv.de) at the same time. Thanks!

  4. matuschd Post author

    Hi Klaus,

    the GPIO can be used, but you don’t have to. Only one GPIO pin is connected, but even this GPIO is only used, if you connect a jumper on the HiFiBerry. The only issue is the mechanical connection. I would recommend to use a stacking header or you solder the wires for the USV board directly on the HiFiBerry board.


  5. Massimiliano Leone

    Hi ;D

    first: nice work ;D

    second: I have some questions:

    1) when could we buy “digi” ?

    2) and, for dac, is it possible have a version with rca pins solded under the sheet

    http://i1.wp.com/www.hifiberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/hifiberry-plugged_raspberry.jpg?resize=550%2C379 44.100khz files: for these test we used a 88.1khz/16bit (“Black Sabbath – God Is Dead”) and result is: no sound.
    mplayer also reports that soundcard was not capable to play that bitrate, nor resample to 44.1khz.
    It is a bc2708 limit ? or bcm5102? or what?
    And, do u planned another release with different/better soc chip?

    Best regards


    ps: I posted also on facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/hifiberry/posts/355716027902620 ), hoping it grow up popularity ;D

    1. Daniel Post author

      The Digi will be available about end of January.

      Mounting the RCA jack from the other side won’t work, because there are other parts – including a large electrolytic capacitor – that block the space.


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