Build your Squeezebox client with piCorePlayer

Steen Pedersen has updated his piCorePlayer to support our HiFiBerry DAC. piCorePlayer is a Squeezebox client based on a minimal Linux system. It boots from the SD card, but runs completely in the RAM after booting. It also supports WiFi dongles. We tested it with the small Raspberry Pi Model A, that has only a single USB port and used a small LogiLink USB WiFi adapter – it worked very well.


We can recommend piCorePlayer for all Squeezebox fans!

8 thoughts on “Build your Squeezebox client with piCorePlayer

  1. Peter

    Installed my Hifiberry yesterday but I don’t get any sound. Using PiCorePlayer.

    Parameters: /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/squeezelite-armv6hf -o sysdefault:CARD=sndrpihifiberry -n Squeezelite -a 80 0

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Thanks !

  2. Daniel Post author

    Hi Peter,

    I’m not really a squeezebox expert. Did you test the DAC with another distribution already? If it is working with other distributions, it is a configuration problem. In this case, please contact Steen on his piCorePlayer page. He may give you some advise.
    As piCorePlayer is a minimal distribution, it is hard to say what’s the problem, as our normal analysis script will not work.

    Best regards

    1. Peter

      Ok, but when the Hifiberry is detected, this means that hardware-wise everyhting is ok ? Ps: I could use another distro and use your testscript. Is this availabel for download ?

  3. Daniel Post author

    You see the card when you run “aplay -l” ? Then at least the driver is loaded correctly.
    In this case, try to playback a WAV files with “aplay filename”. Does this work?

    If you don’t see the card, check it on another distribution. The test script can be found at at the end of the page.

    It might still be a hardware problem, as the Raspberry Pi cannot detect the card. It just outputs data to the card, even if it is not connected. You soldered the P5-header – right?

    1. Peter

      It’s listed when I do aplay -l. When I select Hifiberry in AlsaMixer i get “this device has no controls”. That’s normal behaviour ?

  4. Daniel Post author

    Yes, this is normal, because it is a pure DAC without any volume controls. Can you play a WAV file with aplay?


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