Dolby Digital and DTS bitstream output with HiFiBerry Digi

The HiFiBerry Digi driver is still in development. Stereo output works great even at highest sampling frequencies and bitrates (192kHz/24bit). Today we tested what happens, when we output a DTS or AC-3 bitstream through the HiFiBerry Digi. Would an external decoder recognize the signal? See yourself:

yamaha-dd yamaha-dts

It worked :-) That means there is a good chance, that DTS and AC-3 output will be supported. However, we don’t know yet if standard software like XBMC will be able to use the HiFiBerry Digi.

8 thoughts on “Dolby Digital and DTS bitstream output with HiFiBerry Digi

  1. LP

    Hi !

    I’m really enthusiast about your Raspberry products. But I wonder wich solution is best sounding : Your analog HiFiBerry pluged in my power amp, or the digital version to my amp ?

    In other words, do you trust you more your DAC or a power amp DAC (recent version – 2012) ?

    Cheers, and keep the good work !


  2. Daniel Post author

    I would got for the digital connection. The galvanic isolation of the Digi outputs will prevent any noise effects from the Raspberry to your AV amplifier.

  3. Ramón

    I am also very interested in one of your products. And I have the same question as LP.

    My amp is very old but at the moment I do not plan to change it. It is the Onkyo TX-SR500 (DAC kHz/24-Bit 96 x 6). Which one would you choose: the DAC or Digi, for use with the Raspberry Pi with this AV to listen music only.

    Thanks a lot.


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