HiFiBerry Digi Linux driver

tux_enhanced_penguin_linux_art-1979pxThere wasn’t any hardware development news in the last time. The reason for it was mostly that we spent time developing a Linux driver for our new HiFiBerry Digi S/PDIF output board. And finally the first working version is there. Getting around the mixer controls and the power management (we don’t need both) took us some time. I want to thank Florian Meier personally for the tips he gave during the driver development phase.

Do you want to test if you can compile it yourself? You can download the code from Github (the new driver is in the 3.10 branch).

5 thoughts on “HiFiBerry Digi Linux driver

  1. Daniel Post author

    Not yet, but we expect that they will make at least into some distributions. We need to have our production samples first, before others can start testing.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    As the driver for the DAC was recently included into picoreplayer, can we expect that for this spd/dif interface too (as soon as it is a bit more mature)?.


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