HiFiBerry Digi pre-order started

hifiberrydigiOur new digital output board for the Raspberry Pi – the HiFiBerry Digi. can be pre-ordered now for our a special introductory price. We expect to ship the first units about mid of February.

The HiFiBerry Digi adds an optical and a fully isolated electrical output to your Raspberry Pi. Samples rates up to 192kHz/24bit are supported on both outputs.

Linux driver development has been finished already, production samples were tested. Everything works very well.

Pre-order it now!

2 thoughts on “HiFiBerry Digi pre-order started

  1. Tomi

    I know this is a bit stupid question when you are trying to sell your products but since we’re talking about open software and mostly open hardware as well (around Pi), I ask anyway. Have you released the schematics of Hifiberry Digi, or is it possible to get them?

    I am interested in them since the driver has been written to support the circuit, so it would be nice that other addon-cards could also use the same drivers. I could order Hifiberry Digi but it seems availability is poor, and I’d also like to have the connectors on a different place. I know the circuit is simple and I could “guess” how I2S and I2C are connected there (or even reverse-engineer from the code) but it would be nice to know before experimenting my own board design.

    However, I do understand if you don’t want to publish the circuit. In that case I hope I could order Hifiberry Digi soon.

  2. Daniel Post author


    it is not a stupid question. However, we will not provide circuit diagram and PCB layouts. We show our support to the open source community by providing open source drivers. We think, we will have better availability in April.

    Best regards


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