3 thoughts on “HiFiBerry DAC Retro style

  1. zalun

    I was thinking about building mine into the CD Player (more space).
    Placing it inside amp has more sense though – no cables needed.
    I would use DAT – Record for Output from DAC and DAT – Play for input to the amp.
    That way I would be able to use both.

  2. francis

    It looks extremely interesting to me !
    And not only cos i was thinking about it miself, I do have a older unused amp in the closet…; Where does this Rpi/DAC gets his 5V powers from inside the amp ? Can it be drained directly from the PSU of the AMp ?

  3. Daniel Post author

    Most amps will not provide a good quality 5V/1A source, because they’re not designed for this. In this example an additional 5V power supply is used (the part below the mains transformer).


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