piCorePlayer supports now the HiFiBerry DAC and Digi

picoreplayerSteen Pedersen has updated his piCorePlayer distribution to support the HiFiBerry Digi. piCorePlayer is an interesting distribution for people who wants to use the Raspberry Pi as a replacement for the discontinued Squeezebox.

We haven’t tested it yet. Feel free to comment and tell us about your experiences.

2 thoughts on “piCorePlayer supports now the HiFiBerry DAC and Digi

  1. mike

    I received my digi board in the UK today. Soldered up the header and after a bit of work the device plays very well indeed. tested 24/192 file through my DAC and it works. This is a great headless squeezebox replacement.

  2. mike redman

    I’ve just tried steen’s new 1.14 piCorePlayer release and the WiPi dongle. It works fine. tested up to 24/96 (optical).


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