A new speaker for the living room

Today I had some time again to work on the new speakers for the living room. Great sound is a must, but it also has to be accepted by everyone in the household. Therefore I can’t use speakers like the 10-34. I wasn’t sure about the color, so I build 2 versions: a green and a white one. I really like the green, but unfortunately it doesn’t really fit with the other furniture in the living room. Looks like I will go on with the white one. The surface is synthetic leather. This is a good material for all people who have problems to get a good finish with painting. It is relatively easy to use.

The speaker itself is a 3-way system. It will be powered by an HiFiBerry Amp.

7 thoughts on “A new speaker for the living room

  1. Manfred Müller-Späth

    How will the crossover be designed? Will there be a full actiivation meaning on RPI per box with a DSP based solution or a RC network in an op-amp array? Or even a passive solution using only one RPI/amp for both speakers?

    1. Daniel Post author

      As the HiFiBerry Amp has only 2 channels, I wil start with a passive crossover. I plan to have it fully active at some time, but this needs a 4 channel amplifier.

  2. Gary P

    Those look really sharp! What drivers did you use? I can’t recall seeing too many black and white drivers on the speaker parts websites. Is the box sealed or rear ported?

    I’ve got the same thing to do soon, I am in a new house where the ugly blocky Onkyos are NOT going back in the living room, but the tinny hollow sound of the built-in tv speakers are driving me insane…


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