Crazy speakers

Ok guys, we are not talking about great sound right now, but we have to admit, that some very funny looking speakers recently crossed our path.

We had a good laugh seeing them and there might be situations, where they can be a funny gift or a good solution for kids.

Close your ears and open your eyes, here they are: Our top ten of the most creative speakers on the market right now.

Ice cream speaker

Summer is already there and nobody can say no to ice cream. These transportable speakers are designed for the sun-loving person, who loves to listen to music, while getting sunburned at the beach.


What song to play with?

Dog shaped speakers

You are looking for something, that is going with the dog lover as well as the music lover deep inside you, check out these very special ceramic speakers, design by Matteo Cibic.


What song to play with?

Toilet speakers

Well, we guess, there are some kind of speakers, that just sound like they look. But maybe these ones are the best to play the songs you never liked anyway.


What song to play with?

Boombox bag

If you ever dreamed about looking like a ridiculous rapper doing your weekly supermarket shopping, you should think about getting this bag with integrated speakers.

What song to play with?

Grooving monkey speaker

Did you ever dreamed about seeing a monkey dancing to a Alice Cooper song? Here is your chance. This little fella is moving as soon as you plug it.

Yes, its useless but come on … we have noticed that little smile on your face.

What song to play with?

Bike sleak speakers

Unfortunately this project never came to life but even if there are many bike speakers on the market, these ones have a great design and we can see ourself playing highway to hell on the way to … well, that’s another story.

What song to play with?

Death star speaker

Shut up and take our money.


What song to play with?

Swimming pool speaker

Honestly, don’t we all dream about the moment, where the most important question in our life is: Where do I get the matching speakers for my pool? In case, we are going to reach this point at some stage, here is the answer:

Screenshot 2015-06-16 13.36.26

What song to play with?

Lego speaker

Three things, we would take on a lonely island.

1. Music
2. Lego
3. Who needs number three if you have music and Lego?


What song to play with?

Bath duck speaker

Well, if the plan with the pool doesn’t work out, we can still go for the bath tub.


What song to play with?

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