This is a personal webpage of Daniel Matuschek. While Daniel is also the founder of Modul 9 that produces the HiFiBerry products, this is a personal webpage not specifically focussing on HiFiBerry, but on all kinds of DIY audio projects.

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  2. Bernd Paulini

    i want to order PCB boards. How can i do this.
    i have tried to Register and order then, but it dint work

    please advice.

    Thank you and best regards
    Bernd Paulini

  3. henrique

    hello, I have bought some long time ago from you the 3 boards (platina 1.2, unisieb and dual shunt), but only now I will get around it. Can I get a parts list for these?

    thank you

  4. josh m

    hi I have the same Dual turntable, it has issues returning the arm after finished playing. The local repair shop said it is no longer fixable since spare parts are not available and, the part count on the mechanism is too numerous, it is not worth it. What do you think?

  5. Peter

    Ob und wann gibt es die Gerber- Files für die PlatINA. die pdf- Datei ist ja nicht zu händeln?

  6. Søren

    Hi Daniel
    When will you have platINA and QuadVol PCBs in stock again? Are you selling the components for platiNA and QuadVil as well or maybe a completely assembled version?

  7. Anwar

    Daniel, Please help!

    I need some advice. I need to playback in a continuous loop a 15 second audio clip in stereo that is CD quality (44.1k 16 bit). Would Raspberry Pi be suitable for this application?
    Could you design the circuit for me?


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