Active/passive RIAA online calculator

Using this page you can calculate the component values for an active/passive RIAA equalization stage as show below.

How to use the calculator:

  • Select a value for C1 and C2
  • Select the gain of the whole stage (including the attenuation of the passive stage) at 1kHz
  • Press “Calculate resistors”
  • The form calculates the exact values for R1 to R2. Resistors are usually not available with exactly these values. However, with a parallel circuit of two E24 resistors, you can often approximate these values quite good. The calculator finds 2 E24 resistor values that best matches the value.


C1 = nF
C2 = nF
Gain = db (at 1kHz)

Attenuation 1st stage = db (at 1kHz)
Voltage gain 2nd stage = (at 1kHz)
R1 = Parallel: || =
R2 = Parallel: || =
R3 = Parallel: || =
R4 = Parallel: || =

6 thoughts on “Active/passive RIAA online calculator

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  2. AM

    why not let the user choose the three turn over frequencies ( now 2122, 500 and 50) on their own. Then they can reconfigure the circuit as they want.

  3. Warnecke

    Hello Alex,

    Your value is equal to my calculated value, but it is attenuation.
    So it is -0.871 dB.
    1000 Hz is the frequency
    2122 Hz is the-3db frequency of the first stage.

    Regards Jürgen


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