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These capacitors look cool

roe-eyf-06Today I found a pair of NOS[ref]new old stock – components that were produced sometime in the past, but were not used yet[/ref] ROE EYF 06 electrolytic capacitors. After measuring them I was lucky to see, that they still have full capacity (4800uF and 4700uF). And wow – these things look great! The gold color will look great on a black PCB. I’m thinking to design a new PCB similar to the UniSieb circuit, but with these capacitors (only 6 of them will fit on a 8x10cm board, because they are quite large with 30mm diameter).

Any other ideas how to use them?

The German company Dual had a long history of idler-wheel record players. Many manufacturers introduced belt drive record players in the mid of the last century, but some companies still produced idler-wheel drives. Dual was the last big company building idler-wheel turntables. Dual produced the 1229 model during the years 1972 – 1974. It was mostly based on the Dual 1219.