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PCB shop

I have some bad news today. As I’m very busy with the HiFiBerry business I don’t have the time anymore to sell and support PCBs in the crazy-audio shop anymore. I plan to release the Gerber files in the future to allow crazy-audio readers to order their own PCBs from a supplier of their choice. However this also takes some time and it is not on my top priorities at the moment. Therefore I ask you for some patience.


6040Z+S80new_details_0A CNC machine looks like overkill, if you want to create only a few loudspeaker enclosures. But if you have more milling in wood or aluminium to do, it is an interesting tool.

After reading some discussions in different CNC forums, the CNC 6040 might be an interesting machine to look at. For sure, there are lots of other interesting machines available. Therefore make sure that you first understand your requirements before selecting a machine.


rephaseIf you’re using an DSP for equalization or as crossover (or both), you might have a look at rePhase. This open source tools allows to create filters for all kinds of DSPs, both IIR[ref]infinite impulse response[/ref] and FIR[ref] finite impulse response[/ref] filters.


FundamentalsSound_ImageLogo-3Do you want to get a better understanding about audio circuits and loudspeaker designs? Then check out the free online course “Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering” on Coursera.

During this 6 week course you will learn the basic concepts of acoustics and electronics and how they can applied to understand musical sound and make music with electronic instruments. And you can even earn a certificate.

You don’t care about the technology and the technology, but love music? Then you might be interested in History of Rock – also brought to Coursera by the University of Rochester.

Production tools to create your own audio projects

Everybody is talking about 3D printing today, but there are lots of other cool production tools out there that can

Grow CNC

This looks like the ultimate CNC mill to produce your own loudspeakers. It consumes much less space than usual portal mills and can be transported easily. Unfortunately this is only a prototype today. Let’s see if this device will be available for sale in the future. I don’t expect it to be cheap.

Othermill – create your own PCB prototypes and more

The kickstarter project for this high-precision desktop CNC machine has started. It has been designed with PCB prototyping in mind.



You can buy this small desktop CNC mill for less than 500$. I don’t know how this compares to OtherMill. But I guess, it is good enough for PCB prototypes

Tempo Automation – the Makerbot for electronics

This company wants to create an automated electronics production robot. The project is in a very early state yet, but the goals look promising.