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Project Cinema

It’s time for a big new project. It will be a Home Cinema. I have a 20m2 room in the basement that was specifically reserved for this use. There are 2 major use cases for this room

  • Watching movies and TV shows
  • Flight simulator training and racing simulations


  • optimised room acoustics
  • Frequency range (-3dB) 25-20.000Hz
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS/X capability
  • 4k video playback

Room acoustics is usually a problem in normal living rooms. I’ve seen a lot of people using expensive equipment in rooms with all kinds of acoustical problems. There are 2 reasons:

  • Many people don’t know enough about room acoustics or they don’t care.
  • Acoustics optimisations often aren’t looking nice.

I can completely agree with people that don’t optimise their room acoustics because it looks ugly. It doesn’t help to have a really great sound, but you don’t want to live in this room anymore. Luckily that’s not the problem here, as the room will be exclusively used as a cinema.

A HiFiBerry installation with button control and LCD display

RPi HiFiBerry 2014 openPieter Kleinjahn has installed a Raspberry Pi, the HiFiBerry DAC, some buttons and a LCD display in one box.

The buttons can be used to control MPD. Distributions like Volumio and RuneAudio are based on MPD, therefore this could be interesting for many readers. Peter has provided the Python script that controls everything. You can download it here: mydisplay-20140409. Note that we provide this “as is” without any support. However, the code is clean and well-documented. Therefore it should be relatively easy to adapt it to your needs.

Help wanted – Linux kernel development

tux_enhanced_penguin_linux_art-1979pxTo improve our HiFiBerry drivers (especially for the HiFiBerry Digi), we’re looking for somebody who can support us with some kernel development. The person should be familiar with the ALSA sound subsystem. We need to create a sound subdevice similar to the sound driver for the HDMI output. This will be included in the official Raspberry Pi Linux kernel.

Is somebody interested in supporting us here? Contact us!