Last week a huge package from Germany arrived with some interesting chassis:

  • Visaton BF32
  • Visaton W100 S
  • Tangband W6-1974
  • IMG StageLine MRD-34PA
  • IMG StageLine SPA-110PA

If you wonder how these fit together: they don’t. The chassis will be used for 3 different projects:

  • a mini system for better TV sound
  • a replacement for the current speakers in the living room
  • a nice fun-LOUDspeaker based on the PA chassis

All will be powered by the Raspberry/Amp combination. The living room speakers will be the most complex, they will need some CNC milling.

Cheat sheet: Download the Raspberry Pi Linux kernel sources

I do not often work on the Linux kernel and I’m also not a Git expert. Therefore getting the latest Linux kernel sources for the Raspberry Pi always takes time. This is a short cheat sheet how to get the latest 3.12 kernel sources:

mkdir linux3.12
cd linux3.12/
git init
git fetch rpi-3.12.y:refs/remotes/origin/rpi-3.12.y
git checkout rpi-3.12.y

HiFiBerry DAC featured in Make magazine

cover_makeOur favorite DIY magazine “Make” features the HiFiBerry DAC and Digi in the current issue.
Quote: “I tested both their DAC and Digi models and was quite impressed at the aural improvement – details are clearer and the audio gains a real sense of space that felt horribly absent when played through the Pi’s built-in output”.

Subscribers of the digital edition can download the current issue already, print customers should receive it in the next days. You’re not a subscriber? You can subscribe online or even buy single issues in digital format. Have a look at