MegaPower DP

At a glance


  • 2x68W hifi power stage
  • based on the LM3886 integrated circuit
  • includes rectification, only external transformer needed
  • PCB available in our shop

MegaPower DP is a stereo power amplifier based on the LM3886. It can provide up to 2x68W into 4 Ohms.


Note that the LM3886 can’t be operated without a heat sink. Depending on the supply voltage and the acceptable temperature you will need a heat sink with a thermal resistance between 1.1 K/W and 5 K/W. Check the datasheet of the LM3886 for more information.

Originally, this circuits has been developed as a driver stage for the SinCos power supply. However   this circuits is used in many great-sounding HiFi stages and the layout has been created with HiFi in mind. Therefore you can use it as a standalone HiFi power stage. Add an external transformer – done.

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