HiFiberry USB

At a glance


  • HiFi sound card for the Raspberry Pi
  • based on the PCM 2906 from Texas instruments
  • connects to the Raspberry via pin header or external USB cable
  • Digital in/out via header
  • Analog stereo in/out
  • Maximum output voltage swing 2Vpp
  • very low distortions
  • PCB available in our shop
  • discontinued project, check out our HiFiBerry Mini

The Raspberry Pi is a great device for audio streaming (see our streaming project). Unfortunately the internal sound output is disappointing. This project creates an inexpensive sound card for the Raspberry Pi that satisfies most music lovers.

This sound board for the Raspberry Pi features stereo audio input and output. There are two possibilities to connect the device to the Raspberry Pi

  • Use a normal USB cable that will be soldered on the HiFiBerry USB.
  • Remove the USB jack from the Raspberry and directly connect the HiFiBerry using a pin header.

The second option helps you to keep a small footprint. However it requires desoldering some components from the Raspberry Pi board. You also cannot connect external USB devices anymore. This variant is a very good solution if you want to use the Raspberry Pi as a streaming music client. 

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