Unisieb + Shunt regulator cabling

The UniSieb circuit and our dual shunt regulator circuits are a perfect combination for many low-power HiFi applications. You can even power more than one circuits from the same shunt regulator.

The following picture shows how to cable the two circuits. Click on the picture, to see a high-resolution version of the image.


2 thoughts on “Unisieb + Shunt regulator cabling

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  2. Francisco

    Hello Daniel,
    I found your wensite a few days ago and I am very excited, because I think I will use your Unisieb + Shunt regulator in many of my projects, to feed dacs, amanero boards and diamond buffers, here in France.
    However I’d like to make a few questions, please :
    – What is the range of voltage for this Unisieb + Shunt regulator combo? Well, I need +/-5, +/-12 ans +/-15Volts supply.
    – What are your best product to feed 5volts and 3.3volts digital boards? May I use your combo for that?
    – What are the ideal specifications for transformers? +/-21 and +/-15volts, using this combo.
    – What is the ideal transformer for your LM3886 board?
    Sorry to take your time with so many questions, this is very important for me.
    Thank you very much,


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