SinCos – a turntable power supply

At a glance


  • Power supply for turntables with synchronous motors
  • quartz stabilized sine wave generation using DDS
  • variable phase shift
  • extremely flexible
  • higher startup voltage for the motor possible
  • trough-hole components, easy to solder
  • open source software

SinCos is a microprocessor controlled power supply for turntables with a synchronous motor. Often the mains supply is used with a capacitor that shifts the phase between the two motor coils by about 90 degrees (in reality it will be always <90 degree).

SinCos comes with the following features:

  • Sine/Cosine wave: Generation of two sine-wave signals with the same frequency independent of mains frequency.
  • Variable phase shift (0-360°): Some motors are reported to work best with a phase shift that is not exactly 90°. You can simply try different phase shifts and check what works best with your specific motor.
  • Phase shift increment: Phase shift can be set in 0.2° increments.
  • Speed monitoring: Monitoring of the speed of the turntable by using a reflex photo sensor
  • Soft start: frequency will ramp up from 0 hertz to the target speed in a predefined time. This helps if your motor has a low torque
  • Power start: In addition to the soft start you can use a higher voltage when starting the motor. Using this feature you can limit the voltage during normal operation and reduce vibration noise.
  • Automatic shutdown: After a predefined time, power supply turns off automatically.
  • LCD display: an optional LCD display informs
  • PC interface: the controller can be connected to the PC by a serial interface to change settings or read speed monitoring data
  • Open source software: All software is open source. You can modify it if you like.


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10 thoughts on “SinCos – a turntable power supply

  1. Anton Zorn

    Hi, where can I find the source code for the SinCos software? The link “SinCos software” leads only to the hex files.

  2. Geoff Webster

    Can you provide a link to the source code (this is open source, isn’t it?)?
    Existing link only provides hex files.

  3. Giuseppe

    Good Morning, there is a possibility to get the PCB CAD files for both Controller and MegaPower? also a Circuit diagram with input, output ports ? Thank you in advance


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