SinCos FAQ

Q: Do I need all this external stuff like the buttons, light sensor and the LCD display?
A: No, if you need only a single speed, you can program all settings once and will not need any of the external components.

Q: Can I buy an assembled device somewhere?
A: Unfortunately we only provide PCBs for do-it-yourself use today.

Q: I’m a hardware producer and want to build and market finished SinCos power supplies.
A: We’re interested in partners, contact us to discuss the details.

4 thoughts on “SinCos FAQ

    1. matuschd Post author

      SinCos only generates a two sine waves. It depends on the power stage. The MegaPower power stage can work only up to about 30V. There are people that used transformers at the output of the power stage to transform this output to 115V or 230V. However these voltages are potentially lethal, therefore I will not provide a PCB for this or a circuit diagram. If you know how to work with these voltages, it should not be a big deal to do it.

  1. cspirou

    If I understand this correctly, the output frequency is adjustable? Does that mean this should work with tables that need 60Hz power instead of 50 Hz?


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