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  • Symmetrical power supply for low power audio devices
  • additional +5V power supply for low power digital devices (e.g. a an additional microcontroller board)
  • integrated transformer
  • PCB available in our shop

Looking for a power supply that is compact and fits most low-power audio devices? Here it is! On a small 5x10cm PCB you have a complete symmetrical power supply that even features an additional 5V fixed voltage regulators for digital circuits. Therefore this is a nice power supply for digital controlled pre amplifiers like our QuadVol circuit. The parts for this supply costs less then 10$/10€: 10 electrolytic capactors, 3 voltage regulator ICs, a cheap print transformer and some other small parts.

trafopowerNote that the mains part of the circuit (at the left) runs at 115/230V – these voltages are potentially lethal! Be sure that you comply to all safety regulations! If you don’t know these regulations, have a look at other power supplies that use external transformers, like the SimplePower.

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  1. Oliver

    Is a detailed partlist included with the pcb? if not, what values do the components need?


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