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Unisieb is a universal rectification and smoothing circuit. The PCB is available in the shop.

You will find a lot of preamplifier power supply PCBs on the market. Some use only a few capacitors and a following voltage regulator, others use lots of capacitors first. Sometimes people put capacities in the smoothing section that would be enough for a power amplifier. This PCB looks like the second type, but has some advantages over “use as much capacitors as you can find” design. The capacitors are grouped into 3 sections. Between 2 sections you can place inductors. This limits not only the peak current draw from the transformer, but also adds extra smoothing.

The basic concept of this PCB is:

  • Rectification (dual Graetz bridge)
  • Current limiting (by using a resistor)
  • C-L-C-L-C smoothing

You can replace the inductors by resistors or leave it out completely. For a complete preamp power supply you need extra voltage regulators behind this circuit. The voltage regulator should be placed near the load while the rectifier and smoothing section is places best near the power transformer.

Another difference of this PCB to others is the possibility to use different kinds of capacitors. There are 3 sizes of capacitors that can be used:

  • 28x diameter 13mm
  • 16x diameter 16mm
  • 12x diameter 18mm

Use whatever fits best for your application.


Buy the board in our shop.


3 thoughts on “UniSieb

  1. Günter Elmendorff

    Hi there

    I would be interested in buying the shunt regulator in combination with Unisieb PCB’s.

    Unfortunately there is no parts list given for the Unisieb.

    Could you at least tell more about the inductors used ( inductance value, manufacturer and source )
    as shown on the picture of unisieb here above?

    Günter Elmendorff

      1. Torsten

        unfortunately there is no part list.
        please, can you add the part from the uniseb?



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