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Sourcing low tolerance 15nF and 22nF capacitors for RIAA stages (e.g. platINA)

panasonic-ecq-pFor our platINA, low tolerance capacitors are needed for the RIAA stage. You will need 15nF and 22nF capacitors. Ideally you should use MKP capacitors with 1% tolerance. In the past we use two types of capacitors: Panasonic ECQ-P or WIMA FKP2.

Unfortunately Panasonic does not produce the ECQ-P series anymore. An interesting alternative is the Vishay Roederstein KP830. The MKP1837 is another option. These series are available from Mouser.

The WIMA FKP2 capacitors are only available up to 33nF, but that’s enough for the RIAA equalization. The low-frequency rolloff needs 68nF (20Hz rolloff) or even 470nF (“flat”) capacitors. You can find older green WIMA FKP2 capacitors on eBay (usually in 2.5% tolerance), but you can also buy new production from B├╝rklin.