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HiFiBerry DAC + Digi on the same Raspberry Pi

A HiFiBerry DAC owner asked us, if it is possible to mount the DAC and the Digi board onto the same Raspberry Pi. Sounds crazy? Cool! We thought about it. With one board running as the I2S master and the other as slave, this could work. Let’s test it:
HiFiBerry DAC and Digi
And yes, it worked!

Note: This does not mean, that you can stack any I2S sound cards on the Raspberry Pi. It works here, because one board acts as the master (the Digi) and the other as slave. Also the configuration is a bit tricky. Only the HiFiBerry Digi is configured as a sound card. Linux doesn’t know, that there is another card connected.

P.S. We’re in the last phase of the HiFiBerry Digi production tests. Everything looks good at the moment.