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Quad Volume Control PCB now available in our shop

QuadVol 1.1Finally, the Quad volume control has passed the final tests. It is now available in our shop. The documentation will be updated in the next days. There are some minor differences from our prototype:

  • Control connection can be a 4- or 5- pin molex connector or a 2×3 or 2×5 pin connector.
  • The control connection now has a common anode connection. With this connection you need only 4 cables for the connection of a microcontroller board and this circuit. The common anode will be connected to +5V/+3.3V (depending on the voltage of your microcontroller board).
  • With the new common anode, the signals will not be inverted anymore.
  • The audio connectors were moved a bit.

Note that most documentation on our site still show the old version. This will be corrected in the next days. Also expect more pictures of the finished circuit in a nice acrylic case!