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These capacitors look cool

roe-eyf-06Today I found a pair of NOS[ref]new old stock – components that were produced sometime in the past, but were not used yet[/ref] ROE EYF 06 electrolytic capacitors. After measuring them I was lucky to see, that they still have full capacity (4800uF and 4700uF). And wow – these things look great! The gold color will look great on a black PCB. I’m thinking to design a new PCB similar to the UniSieb circuit, but with these capacitors (only 6 of them will fit on a 8x10cm board, because they are quite large with 30mm diameter).

Any other ideas how to use them?

A first look on the 4 channel volume control

quadvol-finishedThis 4 channel volume control is based on the Burr-Brown PGA 4311. The input is buffered by a quad opamp. The module needs a +/-5V power supply. Digital input is fully isolated by optocouplers.

The circuit can be controlled from any microcontroller. Examples for Arduino and Raspberry Pi are available.

The module size is 5x5cm, expect more modules in this size in the future.

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Update 25.3.13: Check out the project page for information to this project.

Home audio – RTP source

courtesy of Gijsbert Peijs

This project was started to transport the sound from my turntable to the loudspeakers without visible cables. Our flat already had ethernet in all necessary places, therefore the idea was to transport audio over ethernet.

I didn’t want to use large and expensive hardware for this experiment. Therefore the Raspberry Pi looked like the ideal hardware. It runs Linux and has integrated sound, network and USB. Unfortunately the sound hardware is unusable, because it does not feature an analog input. Therefore an additional sound card is needed. My choice was the Behringer UControl 202. It used the Texas Instruments PCM2902 chips that is well known, well-supported and good-sounding.

Stay tuned for more informations on this project.