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rephaseIf you’re using an DSP for equalization or as crossover (or both), you might have a look at rePhase. This open source tools allows to create filters for all kinds of DSPs, both IIR[ref]infinite impulse response[/ref] and FIR[ref] finite impulse response[/ref] filters.

Open Source Hardware

goldpower We’re starting with some open source hardware projects now. The first design is a 8x10cm PCB for a symmetrical power supply. It uses 4 capacitors with a 30mm diameter like the nice old Roedensteinthat we found lately. If the UniSieb/Shunt combination looks like overkill for you and the small SimplePower is too simple, this is the right option.

The PCBs will be available in the shop later, but if you like to create your own or modify the design, just get it from the GitHub repository.

QuadVol controller

6a00d8341c767353ef016762f7c808970b-800wiWe have uploaded our code to control the QuadVol circuit with an Arduino to GitHub. This version displays the volume on a 16×2 LCD display. The volume offset for each channel can be set independently. It supports IR remotes now, but support for pushbuttons and rotary sensors will follow soon.

Feel free to fork and modify the code if you like.

PCB file converter

Are you working with different PCB design tools? Or do you want to migrate from one PCB design software to another? Check out the PCB converter at https://github.com/upverter/schematic-file-converter.

Unfortunately, this works only for circuit schematics but nor for board files. Does somebody know a solution to convert board files?

Open Source Hardware project and PCB manufacturing

Most DIY audio projects start in audio forums. Often a limited amount of PCBs will be ordered and distributed. This could be simplified in the future by using circuits.io. The platform allows users to create electronics designs and PCBs.I will transform one of my older project to this platform in the next time. What would you like?