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Project introduction: DigiPot

digipost-preview1Are you waiting for the comfortINA? We’re still working on it. There are still some components that have to be tested. To do this in a real-world setting we started the DigiPot project. The name is a bit misleading. DigiPot can be used as a digital potentiometer, but also for many other use cases. You want to switch the input capacitance of your MM phono preamplifier remote? DigiPot is the solution! You want to create a variable gain amplifier? Use DigiPot in the feedback loop! With some tricks you can even use it to use it as a input switch in a line preamplifier.

Do you already own a platINA and want to upgrade it with some remote-controlled features? Guess what you can use to do this: DigiPot!

The ingredients: A shift register and low resistance analog switches. Initially I had planned to use a LDO voltage regulator from AD (you still see it in the design above), but I’m gonna test this device independently and stay with old-fashion LM317L/LM317L for this project. This makes it easy to solder the circuit even for beginners. PSSR is very high for the analog switches and power consumption is extremely low. Therefore there is no real need for regulators with better specs.

Does this sound interesting? Stay tuned for more information.