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screenshotDo you develop audio equipment – amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers? Then you know that one of the most annoying things is the cabling of the different components: sound card, preamplifier, power amplifier, speaker and computer. There are some circuits on the internet that specializes in specific measurements. But now I found a project that created a universal measurement box for all kinds of audio measurements. Check out the project at Moxtone.com. Unfortunately no PCBs are available and the microphone input is only unsymmetrical. However, the block schema gives you a good overview to build something similar. I’m already thinking about a project that combines the whole stuff on a single PCB.

LoudSnail – prototyping started

I’ve started with the milling for the new LoudSnail speaker. This is my first CNC project. As expected not everything worked as planned. But in general, the idea seems to work. Milling MDF is an easy job for the CNC machine. But using a 3mm endmill and 0.2mm resolution takes time. Milling the large piece took over one hour. Next time I will try to increase the feed rate to 4800mm/min. This should speed up things a bit.

Project start: LoudSnail

Many people know the B&W Nautilus. I’ve never listened to those, but I love the design. With modern CNC machines it should be possible to create a similar speaker at home. Here starts the LoudSnail project. I will build a 2-way speaker that is equipped with a 13cm midwoofer and a small 25mm tweeter.

The first challenge: create a spiral base. This is relatively easy. I used a logarithmic spiral for it. Unfortunately FreeCAD has no spiral formulas build in. Therefore I had to write my own Python script to create this spiral. The result looks promising: