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SinCos PCBs available now

sincos-controllerThe SinCos power supply for turntable synchronous motors is available now in our shop. It upgrades your old turntable to with an quartz-stabilized power and has many features that improve the audio quality of your turntable.

If you do not want to flash the microcontroller by yourself, there are also programmed microcontrollers available.

Note: This power supply supports only low-voltage synchronous motors. If your turntable is direct driven or uses a DC motor, you cannot use this circuit.

The German company Dual had a long history of idler-wheel record players. Many manufacturers introduced belt drive record players in the mid of the last century, but some companies still produced idler-wheel drives. Dual was the last big company building idler-wheel turntables. Dual produced the 1229 model during the years 1972 – 1974. It was mostly based on the Dual 1219.