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Finally ready: our high end power supply

Lots of capacitors in a CLCLC configuration + a shunt voltage regulator: a high-end power supply for preamplifiers, phono stages and other HiFi equipment. The shunt regulator can run with a quiescent current of up to 500mA. With the onboard heat sinks, that you can see on the picture, the regulator ran well with 250mA quiescent current and no external load. In this configuration, the power consumption of the circuits is the highest, because the regulator has to “burn” the full quiescent current.


Both PCBs are available in our shop: UniSieb, Shunt regulator or as set of both PCBs.

Preview: Shunt voltage regulator

shunt-r-onlyThe new PCBs for the shunt voltage regulator arrived. Now final testing starts. Unfortunately I ran out of electrolytic capacitors of the right size, therefore it will take some more days until the tests can go on.

One cool thing of about this new PCB – by just changing two jumpers you can select between 3 different quiescent currents. This makes it easy to adopt the circuit for different use cases.