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Steel case for HiFiBerry Digi+ available now

It took a bit longer than expected, but finally the steel case for the Raspberry Pi B+/2/3 and the HiFiBerry Digi+ is available now. If you don’t want to put your HiFiBerry Digi+ into a plastic or acrylic case –

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Mixing different audio sources with your HiFiBerry

From time to time, HiFiBerry users ask us if it is possible to have 2 programs playing music simultaneously with a¬†HiFiBerry sound card. As the Raspberry Pi does not feature something like a “hardware mixer”, this has to be handled

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New products in our shop

We are happy to announce some new products in our shop. We now have a the official 7″ Raspberry Pi touchscreen and a small SD card reader on stock. You can find these in the Accessories section of our shop.

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The Raspberry Pi Zero

A lot of you might already have heard about the new Raspberry Pi Zero – a Raspberry Pi that costs only $5. Are our HiFiBerry boards compatible? We couldn’t test it yet, but according to the Raspberry Pi foundation, all

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New support forum

We do not only want to bring the best audio quality to your Raspberry Pi, but also offer the best customer support and allow you to share your ideas and projects. To improve the communication within the HiFiBerry community, we’ve

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How to build a Raspberry Pi music player (in German)

One of our German HiFiBerry users has created a nice guide how to build a music player with a Raspberry Pi and a HiFiBerry DAC. It not only shows how to setup the hardware, but also how to download and

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A high-end SqueezeBox replacement

Our friends from Max2Play have created a very cool project with a Raspberry Pi, the official 7+ touchscreen and a HiFiBerry DAC+ (they used the DAC+ light, but the project will work with all HiFiBerry cards). This looks even better

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MakerFaire Berlin presentation slides

It was great pleasure to have a speech about Raspberry Pi audio on the MakerFaire in Berlin last weekend. We also had a lot of interesting talks with HiFiBerry users. Thanks to all for coming. As promised during the speech, we

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DAC+ Pro driver on Github

We know that a lot of HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro users are waiting for the updated drivers. And here are some good news. Our team member Stuart finished the development of the drivers for Linux 4.1. He pushed the new version

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New product releases: HiFiBerry DAC+ light and DAC+ Pro

During the summer it was a bit quiet on our web page. That doesn’t mean we did not work. We were working on some very cool new audio boards in addition to our HiFiBerry DAC+. The DAC+ will still be

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